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Kelly Charles-Collins on That Business Show!

October 24, 2016 5:56 pm

Kelly Charles-Collins, Partner with Smoak, Chistolini & Barnett appeared on That Business Show with Jamie Meloni to discuss Labor and Employment Law and its importance to Florida businesses. A problem too often encountered by business owners is thinking about legal representation only as a reaction to a lawsuit or an issue. Kelly emphasized to business owners tuning in that Employment Lawyers serve both a preventive and reactive role and are a necessary part of a business’ advisory team. Kelly explained the importance of understanding labor and employment laws and which are applicable to your business and the necessity for management and staff to be trained in these areas.

Over the years, Kelly has found that many small to medium sized businesses do not realize the risks involved with not having this proactive counseling and training. “I think one of the big areas is with the Americans Disabilities Act and the Family Medical Leave Act,” says Kelly Charles-Collins. “If you don’t understand what your obligations are, that can be a very, very devastating thing.” That’s why Smoak, Chistolini & Barnett has chosen to focus on this demographic. In addition to litigation services, they provide day-to-day counseling, training, policy review and assistance with implementation of employment policies and practices necessary to build a strong foundation for your company. Creating and maintaining healthy employee-employer relationships is key to a successful business ~ staying informed and being proactive will protect your business and your employees, while minimizing exposure to risks. Should you be involved in a dispute Smoak, Chistolini & Barnett is there to defend your business.

Kelly highlighted the firm’s “HR Wellness CheckupTM,” which is one of the “a la carte” services offered to businesses. This involves a detailed analysis of a business’ documentation such as employment applications, disciplinary forms, required employment posters and insurance ensure compliance with the law and support the building and preservation of the business’ strong foundation.

Kelly also explained to Jamie and his listeners the pitfalls of giving non-executive employees Employment Agreements. Florida is an at-will employment state, meaning an employee can be terminated for any reason. Absent discrimination or retaliation, Florida does not provide for a “wrongful termination” lawsuit. However, if an employee has an employment agreement, they may have a breach of contract claim. Therefore, you are “giving them something they are not otherwise entitled to.”

Whether you have an employee relations question, need training, receive a charge of discrimination, an attorney demand letter or are served with a lawsuit, Kelly and her team at Smoak, Chistolini & Barnett are here to protect and defend your business.

To watch Kelly’s entire interview on That Business Show, click here. If you have a question regarding labor and employment law, please visit Smoak, Chistolini & Barnett and see how they protect and defend your business to minimize potential risks associated with the employer/employee relationship.

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