Smoak Chistolini Barnett’s medical devices liability defense attorneys successfully defend clients in numerous products liability claims involving various medical devices, implants and wheelchairs. We defend clients in individual cases and also in multiparty and complex litigation.

Our Firm understands the highly technical, medical, scientific and engineering issues involved in medical device liability defense. We analyze the issues involved, develop a strategy and retain the appropriate experts.

We defend clients against a wide range of claims, including those involving:

  • design defects
  • manufacturing defects
  • distributor liability
  • failure to warn
  • warranty issues
  • malfunction

We work to resolve disputes promptly and cost-effectively. However, when a fair resolution cannot be reached, we will try a case if that is what is required to reach our client’s goals.

Our experience with juries is a significant value to manufacturers whose products are the subject of litigation in Florida.

To learn more about our extensive experience in medical devices liability defense, please contact our law firm today.

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