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Trucking, Automobile & Motorcycle Accidents

We have extensive experience in defending disputed catastrophic injury cases, low impact soft tissue injury cases and everything in between. – Read More

General/Premises Liability

Whether the property is commercial or residential, our attorneys are experienced at successfully managing claims involving negligent or intentional acts. – Read More

Product Liability

We have the legal knowledge and resources to help clients appropriately evaluate, defend and resolve all varieties of complex products liability actions. – Read More

Appellate/Insurance Litigation

Our insurance industry legal experience and skills are hard earned and invaluable. Insurance litigation makes up a very significant portion of our work. – Read More

First Party

Litigation of first party insurance claims has become an ever increasing aspect of the insurance industry.  – Read More

Civil Litigation

Breach of contract actions come in all shapes and sizes given the multitude of activities that can be governed by a contractual agreement. – Read More

One of Florida’s Top Defense Litigation Firms  Read More

Diversity Philosophy

At Barnett & Chistolini  we are committed to developing and maintaining a diverse workplace which reflects the unique and diverse community balance found within the cities and towns in which we practice. We recognize these differences in our team members makes us a better law firm and more capable of effectuating legal services that mirror our client’s business philosophies. Having a well rounded work place attracts diverse personnel and clients allowing Barnett & Chistolini to practice in varying markets and approach legal services to its clients more creatively. BC takes pride in meeting these goals and recognizes the beneficial impact a successful diversity mission provides.

Our Foundation

Since the founding of our Tampa Bay area based firm, it has maintained a tradition of excellence and a successful record in the courtroom and throughout the practice of law.  We offer sound legal and business judgment, a wealth of experience and a dedicated team of legal professionals.

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Legal Team

During our representation, we invite frequent interaction between our legal team and our clients. We intentionally keep our case loads much smaller than our contemporaries in this business and as a result believe our level of service to our clients is without peer.

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Our Philosophy

It is our philosophy to offer the highest level of legal services and a cost-efficient final product through frequent communication with our clients.  We believe in practicing in an efficient and cost effective manner but still advocating the best interests of our clients through zealous representation.

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