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First party insurance claims frequently present difficult and legal technical issues regarding the extent of an insurer’s contractual and statutory obligations, as well as case law that may impact an insurer’s obligations or an insured’s rights under an insurance policy. Decisions on problematic claims can be difficult and require thorough and timely investigations and development of factual information.

Reaching an informed decision on a claim involving coverage issues requires an understanding and identification of the coverage issues, knowledge of contractual and statutory obligations, and appreciation for how the issues may be resolved by the courts. The attorneys of Barnett & Chistolini stand ready to assist with the development of the necessary and objective facts required to resolve problematic claims and, more importantly, to provide legal and coverage analysis and counsel regarding contractual and statutory obligations.

Litigation of first party insurance claims has become an ever increasing aspect of the insurance industry. The attorneys of Barnett & Chistolini have litigated insurance coverage disputes all over the State of Florida

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